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Al Hashar Pharmacy
2020-04-26 13:41:02

Technology in Adverse Times

Many of us in our life span is seeing an unprecedented situation; COVID has virtual brought the economies to a stand still position, besides there is no medical answer to this pandemic. In times like this which is perhaps never envisaged to the scale practically witnessed makes us think a lot through to our people/citizens health records, although countries across the globe tend to develop database of its citizens on its wealth positions or for that matter its economic affluence as one of the way to know the wealth of its people.
The question that brings to my mind is..? Had we (countries/govt.) would have established the database of health records of its citizens then it would have been more easy to tackle the problem; perhaps the thinking would have narrowed down to the ailment types, its medical history etc., rather than derive the symptoms during the phase of the pandemic, these are the questions that perhaps are not being discussed in a broader sense.
Healthcare service sectors who are providing technology based services like those offering: Market Insights are the most preferred to work in these area alongside with Insurance companies & Government in the region with AI tools to map the scope & spread of viral diseases (or perhaps any other type)

Just a thought :-)
 •  IACCM  •   2020-05-05 07:49:56
Hi Monik
You are certainly right about the advantages of centralized health records and there have been efforts to develop such databases. The UK made major investments 10-15 years ago before abandoning the effort and writing off a substantial amount of money. Even when there is a centralized health service, it proves extremely hard ot develop such a system at scale - but it will be interesting to see the extent to which the pandemic creates a new momentum.
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