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The ProActive Think Tank is focussed on applying the concepts of proactive/preventive law to business and academic areas. The group's organisers include IACCM, the Nordic School of Proactive Law, the National Center for Preventive Law, TUAS, and the Corporate Contracting Capabilities Project Consortium.

Our aim is to find a way of taking all the ideas around these concepts and developing them further so that they can be used more widely in business, management and legal activities as well as in research, learning, development and training.

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The 10 Critical Pitfalls of Modern Contract Management - Webinar Recording & White Paper

A recent survey by IACCM indicated that the average cost of poor contracting is 9.2% of an organisation's annual income - and even higher for large capital projects, up to 15% of the contract value. And a 2013 study by the European Commission discovered that 65% of major projects 'fail' or severely under-perform, with average cost overrun of 80%. Yet much of this failure can be eradicated through improved Contract Management and better commercial process and practices. Through a series of workshops to augment their survey, desk research and own experiences, IACCM have identified TEN issues, or critical 'pitfalls' that most frequently lead to poor performance in service contracts. Join the CEO of IACCM, Tim Cummins, and Jonathan Dutton for this webinar broadcast live from the Connecticut in the US, as he explains the ten most common contract management pitfalls unearthed by the research, as well as the SIX ways we can proactively turn these ten pitfalls into ATTRIBUTES of a successful contract management strategy.


IACCM Member Welcome and Update - February 2016

IACCM Welcome and Update Conference Calls We are here for you and in that spirit our IACCM team will be available during these sessions to answer your pressing questions about who we are, what we do and how you can get the most value from your membership. Although this will be an interactive event for those that attend, we'll be prepared to address the following: What is IACCM and how can I gain the most benefit from my membership? How can IACCM assist my career? How can the Association help me deliver greater value to my company? What are IACCM's other offerings; research studies, learning programs and current initiatives? Are there opportunities for greater involvement with the Association? We'd like to hear what questions you have as well. Email info@iaccm.com


ProActive ThinkTank Update 2-2014

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