* ProActive Think Tank


August 4, 2007
The ProActive ThinkTank is a forum for business leaders, lawyers, academics and educators to discuss, develop and promote the proactive management of relationships, contracts and risks and the prevention of legal uncertainties and disputes.

The ProActive ThinkTank aims at raising business leaders’, managers’ and lawyers’ awareness of the techniques and successes of a proactive approach to enable a sound foundation for business success, optimising risk/return and reducing legal problems.

To reach this goal, the ProActive ThinkTank encourages its participants, stakeholders and others to work to:

  1. identify the methods and techniques that work and the skills and competencies that are required; and practice, teach, strengthen and disseminate them;
  2. promote awareness of the proactive approach through case studies, successful initiatives, publications, and conferences;
  3. form a body of knowledge and a framework for continuing education and professional development; establish a theoretical foundation; and increase learning and development opportunities for business and legal practitioners;
  4. develop and share training programmes and materials in areas such as proactive contracting, risk management, proactive/preventive law and ethics, customized for Business Schools, Law Schools and other educational institutions; and
  5. build a strong bridge between the business world and the academic world, and the management world and the legal world.