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2013-07-01 08:13:39

New to Contract Mgmt

Hello All, I am relatively new to this domain of contract management with 9 months of exp. and now I'm working in Singapore for an Oil and Gas company. Previou...
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Tieto Finland Oy
2019-08-20 07:06:33

CLM experiences

My company is looking into a new CLM solution, and I'd love to hear from other companies what experiences they faced in the RFP/RFI phase or selecting a CLM vendo...
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Marshall Denning
2019-06-12 10:55:59

8 payment schemes

Jacko mentions there are 8 different payment schemes - do we know which?
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2019-04-28 18:48:18

Software as a Service SaaS

Hello I am new to IT purchases. Do you have any experience with SaaS? What should I be aware of as a Buyer? Judit
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