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OEM versus Implementation Partner

Hi all, I am dealing with an I.T tender process where it has been advised that the OEM will provide the licenses and support and maintenance, however, there would be an implementation partner implementing the product over the different phases of its life at the company. My questions is 1) should two separate agreements be entered into with the OEM and implementation partner 2) where does accountability lie if something goes wrong (I want to avoid a situation where the implementation partner blames the OEM and vice versa). Thank you for your assistance.


Ultria Webinar - AI-led Contract Analytics - Identify, Manage and Mitigate Risks

More and more organizations concur with the visible benefits of deep risk management and AI-led contracts analytics after a contract is executed, with revenue resiliency and cost savings being principal organizational objectives in the near future. Join this webinar on the shift to advanced contract analytics, and what it means for different business functions. You will learn: - How insights captured by-led contract analytics can benefit teams across the organization, in taking better-informed decisions - In what ways will Contract Analytics & AI play a key role in realizing value, post-contract execution - Different use cases for post-execution Analytics and Reporting focused on Risk, Performance and Compliance management - AI-led Contract Analytics & impact on business objectives



What are the inclusions & exclusions in cyber risk insurance

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