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2017-08-28 21:55:15


Does anyone have any insight into the impact of BOTS for SAAS software? I work for an Social Media Mgmt company and based on some analysis, we are starting to see the impact that BOTS have on our platform. We are trying to determine if we need to evaluate our MSA and or our Order Forms.
 •  IACCM  •   2017-08-29 00:04:41
Good point has been brought to the forum discussion today, and I hope that we can get more responses.
It has been said that Software-as-a-Service and Cloud Computing are the new generation of business computing and that these new ways of delivering networked applications will have the same world-changing effect on business that Windows and browsers did. We are really on this scenario.
An interesting article has recently been posted, under the question 'What are bots?' and this overview of the bot landscape tries to describe the situation (botnerds.com/what-are-bots/), You said that you work for a social media management company so you must be aware that most of the industry focus is on bots in messaging apps / social networks.
As it is said in this publication, there are lots of possible business models, but no product-market fit has been reached yet.
As far as the point whether the MSA and/or order forms should be evaluated, I will raise this question in your name in the Technology IACCM community of interest, so that we can listen to some inputs from experts in this field.
Pablo Cilotta
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