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2018-02-07 19:30:50

Enterprise CLM Solutions - Possible Assessment criteria

Hi Everyone,

My team is in the beginning phases of looking at an enterprise CLM solution. Many of the assessment matrices I've been able to find seem too truncated (are outdated) to assess proposed innovative enterprise CLM solution. Does anyone have any guidance/ proposed criteria/ best practices that I could use to supplement what we have now?

Thank you!
 •  IACCM  •   2018-02-08 07:51:38
At IACCM, we have developed a comprehensive questionnaire to gather requirements that take account of the new technologies that are driving CLM innovation. This would support your assessment and subsequent market outreach. As you may know, we are also assessing the many products currently available to help our members with their selection process. If you would like a copy of the questionnaire, please email me - tcummins@iaccm.com
 •  Robert Half International  •   2018-03-22 04:32:56
Happy to discuss this with you as we have had our solution in place for some time. The "do's" and "don'ts".

With GDPR and other compliance issues that exist, selecting a vendor is important.
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