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2018-11-26 09:23:35

Managed services and license fee charges

A provider is offering managed services and to be able to deliver the services, we need to use a workflow tool for approvals, also offered by the same provider. The provider is asking to pay separately for IT set-up and license fees and is asking separate T&C's related to the workflow tool. Is that common practise for managed services?
 •  Rider Levett & Bucknall  •   2018-11-29 21:09:24
Hi Julie. Even if it is a proprietary tool, it is still an electronic platform and should be bundled with the IT set up and other licensing fees. However, if the "workflow tool" is not theirs, and it is a product developed by another third party software company, that might explain why they want separate Ts&Cs. Make sure they are an authorized dealer for the workflow tool. I dont know what industry you are in, but have you checked out SAP Commercial Project Management ? It is a great one-stop-shop with great workflow and email push notification capabilities.
 •  GAMA ENERJI A.S.  •   2019-01-07 10:52:42
Thank you Jeff. Does anyone have best practices for contracting as-a-service? Especially, what is different vs. traditional software contracting?
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