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This group is for those that are in transition (between roles, out of work, looking for employment, etc.) and those that help them. It is meant for networking, thought leadership around the topic, sharing ideas and jobs leads.

Remember that IACCM has both a jobs board and resume database for your use as well.

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Ask the Expert: How Commercial Can Add Value to the Organisation

This Ask the Expert session on 'how Commercial Can Add Value to the Organisation' will feature a dialogue between two IACCM Fellows and highly experienced Commercial Management experts. In this conversation, Andy and Paul will share examples of real-life situations from their personal experience where good Commercial Contract Management has enabled better business results, and how that was done. These examples will cover a wide range of experiences from deal negotiations and managing contracts post-award. Distinctions will be drawn between average business performance and the skills, attributes and strategies used to achieve exceptional results.


Talent: do you have what it takes?

Rapid adaptability and a readiness to change: those are critical characteristics if we want to flourish in times of uncertainty. So that means we must be ready to do things differently, to respond to change by quickly grasping the ways that our work and output must adjust.


Job Description - eContract and Supplier Manager

I'm looking for input with a job description, the role is: eContract and Supplier Manager and the purpose of the role: To manage and be the global functional lead for the eProcurement tools e.g. SAP Ariba / S4 supporting contract and vendor management processes and lifecycle. Has anyone filled a similar position? what are the minimum skills/experience, main accountabilities? and what would you expect the pay level to be??


Moving Forward - key resources to survive and thrive - IACCM Member update June 2020

To help IACCM members move forward, this webinar explores resources and information recently released. Topics include: Need to know 1. VIBE Summit 2. Staying on TASK in the New Normal 3. Coaching for the New Normal 4. IACCM Council Elections - Vote Now 5. COVID-19 Support. Member-only offer ends 30 June 6. Managing Contracts Virtually - offer ends 26 June Research 7. Most Negotiated Terms 2020 Resources 8. Contracting Excellence Ideas and Issues 9. Adaptive Automation and Talent: Is There a Link? Events 10. TASK Webinars 11. Virtual Member Meetings 12. Ask the Expert and other Webinars 13. Body Language in Live and Online Negotiations BONUS 14. Think Global - Act Local


Does a Contract/Commercial Manager require a Law Degree?

Hello All, I have been working as a Commercial Manager for 6.5 years, responsible preparation and negotiation commercial contracts for high value complex transactions(FIDIC etc). I have a bachelors degree in electrical/electronic engineering and a masters degree in power systems engineering. My concern arose when I looked for job opportunities for a commercial manager outside my organisation, almost all job posting required a law degree. I am unsure whether or not I should purse a law degree to give myself the best change for future job opportunities. Your thought/ideas are well appreciated.



Dear all, My name is Charles, I am 20 years old and I am currently in my 2nd year of bachelor's in business administration in Paris. I recently took an online course on the essential negotiations' skills. I am now looking for an opportunity to sharpen and develop these skills in a practical approach. I discovered the IACCM during one of the lectures. Since then, I took a closer look to the expertise of this association and found myself very attracted to the contract management and commercial management. I will be in Paris from end of May until the end of August 2019 and would like to know if there were any opportunities for me to improve my knowledge during an internship. If, anyone, is looking for an intern for an approximate duration of 2 months. You can contact me at derriencharles5@gmail.com Thank you for reading, Charles Derrien


ISO consultant who can help my company to choose a CLM system

My company is migrating to an cloud-based Oracle ERP (finance and accounting) system. Our agreement allows us use of Oracle's procurement and contract management modules, but a call with Gartner suggested that Oracle's contract management system is not best-in-class and not necessarily used by Oracle ERP customers despite the ready integration with other Oracle ERP systems. The large consulting firm chosen to implement Oracle ERP at our company has not proven knowledgeable about available alternatives. We'd like to engage a consultant with deep experience with the top CLM solutions, to better understand what features and functionality are available with solutions other than Oracle, and potentially to help us develop and run an RFP with a few providers. We're a medium-sized (~650 employees) company in the financial services sector in the US that is considered a "financial market utility." As a practical matter, we have no sell-side contracts, only buy-side contracts, mostly from supplier paper, with only a few types (NDAs, consulting agreements, etc.) on our own paper. Please let me know if you have any recommendations. Thank you.


Change of image for procurement managers

Has anyone ever come up with a good alternative name for "procurement" or "purchasing" to try and change the image procurement managers have within an organisation? In my experience, we can be seen as more of an obstacle to be jumped over or by-passed completely, rather than someone that can be worked with to make their own lives easier. And some project managers don't even understand what procurement actually means and how it applies to the projects they do. A name change won't change a culture overnight, but it's a start to change people's perceptions.


Contract and Commercial Management (CCM) Training Program

Dear experts, How I can be certified in CCM, How to get the preparation hardcopy Any advice for preparing

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