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The Utilities and Power Network of IACCM is a global group of contracts and commercial practitioners from companies in the utilities and power industries.

This Network provides opportunities and platforms for members to explore current and emerging industry trends and practices.  The community will conduct research and engage experts, innovators, and exceptional professionals to share knowledge and experience related to key topics important to members working in these sectors.

Meetings will be virtual (by phone or webinar) unless in specific cases there is an agreed wish to have physical meetings or workshops to develop specific initiatives.

As part of the activity of this Network, we have created a survey. As key players in this sector, we want to understand the challenges that you are experiencing and key areas of focus/interest for your business. The results of this survey will form the basis of key activity planned for this community over the next 12 months. 

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Network Updates

CLM experiences

My company is looking into a new CLM solution, and I'd love to hear from other companies what experiences they faced in the RFP/RFI phase or selecting a CLM vendor, implementation experiences, and post deployment user experiences. What went well and what didn't go well? Which specific areas did the CLM not meet your or your stakeholders expectations?


What's going on in Contract & Commercial Management?

The 2019 IACCM Benchmark Report will soon be issued, providing a wealth of data and insight to the current state of contract and commercial management. One of the many areas we have researched is to understand what major initiatives contracts and commercial teams are currently undertaking. The list (which appears below) is interesting - and the differences between buy-side and sell-side priorities even more so! Our report explains the implications and the reasons - along with a myriad of data regarding performance measurements, headcount levels, the state of automation, skills and knowledge management and a host of other topics.


Leading innovation in your organisation - IACCM APAC Conference 2019

Nearly everyone in our organisation has an idea. Our providers are full of ideas for us and our customers likewise. That isn't the problem. It's whether we create an environment where ideas are heard, where it's safe to fail, and where one's position does not dictate their value. In this fast and furious session, we blast through the barriers and show how we can lead innovation - not by big projects and not by committees - rather by simple techniques that get results quick and become contagious.


IACCM Asia Pacific Conference, July 2019

Watch some of the highlights from this year's Asia Pacific Conference in Sydney. Thank you once again to everyone who joined us - delegates, speakers, sponsors, startup hub participants, Leaders of the Future and Awards finalists!


Making change stick: introduction of contract management framework at Ausgrid - IACCM APAC Conference 2019

Change management is always a challenge, it is no different when introducing contract management to more than 150 staff responsible for getting maximum performance from Ausgrid's supply base. Taylor and Stefan will share how Ausgrid took a collaborative approach and involved key stakeholders in designing the framework, got senior management on board and used a dedicated change management team to ensure the benefits lasted.


Best Practices for Cutting Through Contract Chaos

Contract processes can be overwhelming, with different contract versions floating through emails, renewal dates approaching by surprise, and opaque approval bottlenecks slowing down workflows. Cut through contract chaos with Scout RFP. This is an interactive discussion about the world of contract management with Scout customer MDC Partners. In this webinar hosted by IACCM, you hear from Jason Cammorata, Vice President of Strategic Sourcing, about how MDC Partners is streamlining their contract process (including reviews, renewals, and more), what they are achieving by transforming this process, and the lessons they're learning along the way.

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