Benefits for a CCM to report to the CEO instead of the CFO

Dear all, I have the opportunity now to negotiate internally my direct report to the CEO of the company instead of the CFO who is currently my direct manager. My dotted-line manager asks me to explain the benefits of reporting to the CEO vs. the CFO. I have responded that benefits are mainly independence, freedom of action and advice, etc. Could you help me by suggesting any other relevant benefits please? Thank you for your attention.


GDPR and its impact on contract terms and conditions

Hi there, My company has recently adopted the necessary measures to meet the new GDPR requirements effective in May 2018 by amending its contracts with our suppliers (the processors) responsible to manage/process data on my company's behalf. My question is, do my company need to amend its contract templates for other services and delivery of goods to outline that my company adopts the GDPR requirements in relation to data protection? My company when engaging with suppliers ask for the suppliers' representative details (including passport details) for due diligence verification and this has got me concern as some of the suppliers representatives are from the UE. However, the articles I read about GDPR emphasised the contracts re data processing must abide the new GDPR, that is, contracts between 'controller' and 'processor', but it lacks information on whether any other type of contract must have new clauses to address the GDPR. Thanks


Global Business Services

Has anyone got experience of offering commercial services (opportunity identification to cash) in a Global Business Service (GBS) model? If so, I'm looking to hear the types of commercial activities that have been successfully delivered via a GBS model and understand some of the valuable lessons you learned when implementing this model.


Unanswered claim

What is the best strategy when your claim went unanswered after gently following-up ?

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