How to present multiple contracts review

Hi. I need to provide a commercial strategy for a data center exit. It involves hundreds of contacts and about 40 vendors. Does anyone have any experience in this to let me know the best way to present the information in an easy to absorb way? Anyone have a template/ dashboards/ PowerPoint that they could share as a base?


Delegation of Authority template?

I am building a Delegation of Authority (DoA) from scratch for a small enterprise. It will be sponsored by the CEO and then flow down as usual to the various functions. I have a blank sheet of paper - can anyone please provide a (redacted) real life example so that I can get the creative half of my brain working on it. I am in the UK. Thank you kindly.


CLM experiences

My company is looking into a new CLM solution, and I'd love to hear from other companies what experiences they faced in the RFP/RFI phase or selecting a CLM vendor, implementation experiences, and post deployment user experiences. What went well and what didn't go well? Which specific areas did the CLM not meet your or your stakeholders expectations?


reasonable day rates for freelance Contract Mgr in Germany

Hi all, I am in discussion with a small (20 Persons) and highly specialized, high tech start-up (Management-buy-out) a Telco-offspin active in the aerospace industry. We talk about a part-time engagement, max 5-10h per week what is the bandwith of reasonable hourly rates / day rates for an experienced Contract Mgr in Germany? any idea, hint, own experience in other fields? would appreciate to hear what you think.


Cultural effectiveness

I work in a multi cultural environment. My company is truly a global player, and I manage a team spread out the Americas Region: USA, Canada and Latin America. This subject is very close to my heart, and I am a truly believer in the benefits of diversity and multi-cultural teams. The usual feedback of my team members is that they appreciate the multi cultural environment and the richness of interacting with people from different culture, languages, backgrounds. Cultural diversity can totally help a lot in creativity, team building and certainly results.


Telecoms relationships - moving to Cloud / getting the most our of hosting partners

Does anyone have experience of Contract Planning re hosting agreements/telecoms partners/moving to cloud? It would be great to form a bit of a support group/knowledge share around this kind of thing


Amendment vs. Change Order

My organization (public organization)has a new Procurement Leadership that is requesting that we (Buyers) issue contract amendments for change orders the Engineers (Project Managers) send in for additional work (increase in scope). I see this as change orders for the project and not amendments to the contract. We also have language in the contracts and the change orders follow this process, using the change order document provided in the contracts. I cannot seem to understand why we are doing an amendment for a change order. In my opinion, the scope is increasing but the work (project) is still the same, so there is no need for a contract amendment. Please can anyone provide an insight? Is it required that contract amendment be issued for, and in addition to change orders when there is an increase in scope?


Contract Management Training

I am about the develop in-house online training for contract management and supplier performance management. Do you have training material that you can share with me? I will be happy to share the end result to you if you have contributed.

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