Webinar - Building the Foundation for Professional and Organizational Success

I like the idea of asking new employees what their learning style is during the onboarding training period. I too am a visual learner, so by seeing and doing the work first-hand during training helps me to learn better and faster. Good idea as it helps promote inclusion and diversity and increase employee morale as not everyone's learning style is the same and should make the employee comfortable in a new environment.


Transparency in Distributor Agreements

I'm currently working on a Distributor Agreement and the distributor is prompting for exclusivity in the country which they will be working in. We don't want to give them exclusivity (corporate decision). The distributor wants some kind of writing in the agreement which can assure them that we won't be looking for other distributors in the conutry and that we will have an open and transparent dialogue regarding business opportunities. Anyone who has an idea of a good transparency clause to include in the agreement? Any input and other ideas are highly appreciated!


$1 token lease fee

I manage a suite of Community based leased facilities - all of the leases are based on an annual token fee of $1. This fee has, to date, never been actually invoiced and paid. My question is would I run into any trouble if the lease was ever contested in court and it identified that there was never any financial transaction to bind the agreement. Wondering if something like promissory estoppel would step in to counteract this fact.


E-signature use in Ariba

We've been using Ariba for several years and now are looking to adopt e-signatures as an option for our subsidiaries where e-signatures are valid. I'm looking for some insight from anyone who has been using e-signatures in an Ariba contracting environment. If you would be willing to share your experience, please let me know.

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