Decommissioning Strategy/Framework

Does anyone in the community have any guidance or documentation they can share that would help teams when decommissioning services?


Post Tender Negotiations In Construction Contracts

I would like to know if anyone has negotiated with the best offer in a construction contract because the price is considered to be too high. Are there any recent examples of post tender negotiation having taken place in construction contracts. I amy be wrong but I was under the impression that all contracts are open to negotiation prior to award, providing the follow the normal business ethics


Construction Contract Template with a simple change order

Hello Everyone! I am a business analyst with the American Red Cross. Has anyone created a construction contract template with a simple change order process? Any help would be appreciated!


Brunswick Short Forms

Hello Everyone! I amt he Contracts Development Manager at the University of Hull. We are in the process of distributing some funding which we have to various projects internally. We have a HFCE annual recurrent grant for 2017-18. This has a GCRF element and we are making awards through this for fairly small amounts. The money is being used to purchase services such as hiring event venues, conduction of surveys, questionnaires, this sort of thing. They are all based in developing countries and we have been conducting due diligence exercises. The projects are also subject to a selection process. I feel that the Brunswick Short Form is ideal for use in these circumstances. Does anyone have an alternative view on this? This will be the first time that I have used the Brunswick Short Forms at my institutin and I am trying to anticpate any potential problems before they happen.

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