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Smart Contract Use Cases for Contract Management

I am starting this discussion for community awareness and brainstorming, the possible use cases of Smart Contract in our Contract Management world. I will post use cases that I believe will take benefit of the blockchain technology. I will also share use cases that are currently in deployment, although on a small scale, since this technology itself is in its nascent stage. For those who are not familiar with what Smart Contracts are, please search this or other forums first, before posting any questions here.


Percentage of a company's contracts that contain SLAs?

Is anyone aware of a survey, whitepaper or article referencing the percentage of a company's contracts that contain SLAs? My assumption is that it would either include or exclude certain contracts that are not likely to contain SLA's (e.g. Professional Services for short term engagements, industry specific contracts etc.) Thus the average and benchmarks would need to delineate that difference. I'm curious to know what is average and best in class in this regard. Thanks in advance.


Indemnity Regimes in Midstream Contracts

Seeking advice from contracts drafters with experience on oil & gas midstream services contracts. Are knock-for-knock indemnity regimes common in midstream services contracts like they are in upstream services contracts? Thanks in advance for your responses.


Technology sector survey

As part of the activity to support the Industry Sector, we are currently conducting a survey to understand the challenges that you are experiencing, and key areas of focus/interest for your business. Please refer to : https://www.research.net/r/TechnologyIndustryExpert


USA Public procurement transparency

Could someone clarify what kind of details must be available in the USA on websites of federal government or agancies? What legislation can be screened for it apart from Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) or The Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act of 2006 (FFATA). It it fine that federal government lists on the website data such as pricing of a particular vendor?


IACCM Board of Directors voting

By now you should have received a voting request email for the 4 available IACCM Board positions, please take a look at the candidate's bios on the site, two of the existing board members seeking re-election (and one new nominee) are Petrochemical, Oil and Gas. I encourage you to vote and show your support for our community, the Board plays a critical role in establishing the direction of our professional association, so please use your vote. Jim Pearson


Additional resources

Hello everyone, Following our webinar at the end of October, I am coming back with few recommendations on the available resources on IACCM: - Ask The Expert: Mitigating Cyber Risks with Third Parties - Asia Pacific Ask The Expert: Cyber Resilience - The role of contract in the Fourth Industrial Revolution - Ask The Expert: Data Protection - the global impact of GDPR In addition to presentations above, there are few white papers that can provide more details on what what ransomware is and how it works. See, for example: - Mcafee Understanding Ransomware and Strategies to Defeat it: https://www.mcafee.com/uk/resources/white-papers/wp-understanding-ransomware-strategies-defeat.pdf - The Wannacry Ransomware: http://cert-mu.govmu.org/English/Documents/White%20Papers/White%20Paper%20-%20The%20WannaCry%20Ransomware%20Attack.pdf It would be great to see your own thoughts or resources you find useful. Kind regards, Daniela


Contract Management as a Service

Would be interested to hear of experiences of using outsourced support to manage contracts. Have you tried it? Did it work? What worked well? What didn't work well? Who would you recommend and why? Is it something you know about? Looking forward to hearing from you. Ashley


Standard deviation of this average?

Where can the complete report or specifically the standard deviation of this average be found? Thanks.


US GAAP sale of software license first, installation in 6 month time - revenue recognition apprach

Hi, The deal would be structured this way: seller - reseller (seller's partner) - end customer. 1. Seller would like to sell a piece of software which needs to be installed and configured by seller later to have full functionality. Seller would like to sell the license first to the partner (license delivery acceptance only). Seller would like to then remove from its inventory the value of the software and if possible recognize the revenue (at least partially). 2. Partner is resposible for the entire solution and delivery to the end customer. 3. Seller is asked to install and configure the software in a 6 month time which would be confirmed by installation and configuration acceptance. Final revenue recognition would take place. Is it allowable by US GAAP to recognise a revenue from the sell of software license (paritally) and then another part for the installation part?


Testing commercial acumen

Hi - I am interested in testing a group of individuals around their commercial acumen and I am specifically looking to set a scenario with some information to then ask questions for the individuals to present their analysis and answers. Has anyone undertaken such an exercise that they would be happy to share their thoughts on this as to how they framed the scenario and questions?

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