Is transformation the theme of 2020?

In addition to my post from last week here on the forum (See https://www.iaccm.com/network/contract-management-forum/?post=1656&cb=1579686044) I see many people that responded, saying that transformation is a challenge for them. Transformation to the cloud or transformation to ecosystems. (see https://www.petersimoons.com/2020/01/is-transformation-the-theme-of-2020/ for the full article). In the market I see also a transformation from procurement to collaborative supplier relationships. A form of strategic partnerships with suppliers where almost all elements of strategic alliances, that have already been documented and research over the past decades, can be applied. In our Masterclass we already have seen procurement executives attend to learn more about the do's and don'ts of strategic alliances and partnership. What is your experience with the transformation to collaborative supplier relationships and what is the most challenging part of that transformation: people behavior or organizational procedures?


CPS 234

Has anyone has experience with re-writing contracts with 3rd parties to comply with CPS_234? Looking for some guidance / lessons learned.


Contract extension beyond terms (Special)

Can we extend the contract beyond its original term? Even if the maximum extension period has been reached. Say for a contract of 2 years plus 1+1 years. I come to circumstances where I must delay tendering because of political challenges and changes to the current method of delivering the service; hence a change of scope of work. However, I need to maintain the current service delivery under stronger contract terms rather than using Purchase Order terms and conditions (used for low-risk goods and services). Since the contract relates to offering and acceptance. If the contracted parties agree to apply for that extension (say 6-12 months) and use the existing contract terms and conditions, can we exercise that 'special' extension? The second scenario, I have, is can we do such extension after the expiry date of the contract. Provided it is not since long expired?! (Less than 1-2 month of the expiry date). What is the legal implication for both options / scenarios?


2020 Challenges in Partnerships

A survey among alliances & partnerships professionals in Europe and Asia resulted in 5 themes that these professionals see as their main challenges in their work for 2020. Except for the specific outside circumstances most of these themes are not new in 2020, yet appear to be continuing challenges in our profession. Some of the challenges the respondents see can be handled by a solid governance structure most by rigorous alliance management. A short article about the preliminary findings can be read here: https://www.petersimoons.com/2020/01/2020-challenges-in-alliances-partnerships/


KPI's for Contract Management

Has anyone been using KPI's for contract management especially during the project execution & service delivery stage. If someone can share their experience of effective KPI's they would have used from Owner's team perspective. Thanks


Justifying a commercial item in Defence Contracting

Hi all, Working in a UK Defence Company, we are relatively new to contracting with the U.S Department of Defence. We are attempting to justify our product as a Commercial Item under Paragraph 8 of the US DoD Guidebook for determining a Commercial Item. This pertains to our product being developed at our own expense and sold in substantial quantities to State and Local governments. The area for debate is the word 'State'. We have sold our product to foreign 'States' but not local U.S. State Governments, and this is proving to be the area of contention, the interpretation of the word 'State.' As part of our Bid submission we provided price justification which satisfied that the price we charged the government via a Prime Contractor was our established market price and this satisfied their approval to place a Purchase Order, so I am trying to establish the risk associated with the rights to cost and pricing data which is associated with Non-Commercial Items. Any help would be gratefully received.


AI in Contracts

I was wondering if anyone has used AI to support within their contracts and the success this has seen?


Dfining KPIs and Creating Dashbo

Hi All, I am a fresh member of the portal. Looking for some insights in regards to defining KPIs. We are a team of 3 Contract Managers and our manager has asked us to define KPIs and create a dashboard biweekly for her to have an insight of what we are doing. I believe the next step will be having score cards to measure the performances. I have been searching the web and thinking about this deeply for some time now. I was only able to come up with 3 KPIs but still need to define 1 more. And I am not sure if this has been answered before. Is there a document I can relate on to? Would appreciate any leading. Thank you in advance.

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