Not Using Clauses that do Not Apply

Hi Guys, I just got back a contract which was redlined by a supplier/contractor. There are a number of standard clauses which we use in our contract and some would not apply for this service with the supplier. For example, "it shall be responsible for the adequacy, stability and safety of all operations on the Company's premises and of all methods of installation and commissioning of the Goods and performance of the Services;" With this service the contractor does not have to install and commission but only supply and we would be doing the installation and commissioning. Question: Instead of us removing the clause entirely can I just leave it in and place (N/A or Not Used) at the beginning of the clause which do not apply?


Order Precedence: PO Terms vs MSA Terms

Hi, in case no precedence term is set and/or agreed in any documents including MSA, which term (PO or MSA) will take precedence and the legal ground behind it. Can someone please provide some ideas, comments and experience? Thanks.


Medical Insurance

Hi, please help with best premium range and insurer (corporate rate) for Health insurance-employee including spouse and child. I am looking for sum assured of 5Lakh and benefits including maternity, dental and eye. Please give your suggestions.


Outcome based commercial model

Hi, we're looking to evolve one of our outsourcing contracts from traditional FTE's governed by SLA's to outcome based contract and metrics. Does anyone know what the contract commercial construct/principles for that would be? Does anyone have experience with outcome-based outsourcing contract? What are the pitfalls?


Contract Forgery and other Fraud (Sell-side POV) - What preventive controls do you have in place and does your organization allow sellers to send contracts to customers directly for signature/review

Hello Folks: We have a number of processes in place to present various types of contract fraud for example customer forgery or side letters which we do not tolerate. However, on occasion we do face issues. Its not a major problem, however, we are looking to reduce the risk as much as possible. I have two questions. 1. How have others in the community mitigated this risk with process, technology and people, etc. 2. Does your organization allow sellers to send contracts to customers directly for signature or review (e.g, email, e-signature, etc.) of this entire process handled by a contracts or legal team only? Thanks in advance for your feedback.


Modular Contracting Discussion / Help Needed!

HI: I would love to chat about your entity's experience with implementing a Modular Contracting system. From a look, feel, and integration perspective, I am part of a group running into some challenges that I believe previous experiences have probably already experienced and solved for. From a substantive standpoint, some questions about order of precedence, survival, SOW/purchase order term co-alignment and other questions. Is anybody able to share their experience and/or willing to share a rule/bylaws document? Thanks so much!


Are you willing to provide 30 mins of your time to support some Student Research on Smart City Supply Chains

Dear Engineering and Construction Community, a student in the UK is looking for people to interview around the topic of Smart City Supply Chains - specifically supply chain infrastructure needed to support smart cities. He is interested in what policy enablers are required to generate environmental energy sources and what IoT data sources are required to inform decisions. Please let me know directly at sguyer@iaccm.com if you would be willing to provide 30 mins of your time to this student. Many thanks, Sally


Job Description - eContract and Supplier Manager

I'm looking for input with a job description, the role is: eContract and Supplier Manager and the purpose of the role: To manage and be the global functional lead for the eProcurement tools e.g. SAP Ariba / S4 supporting contract and vendor management processes and lifecycle. Has anyone filled a similar position? what are the minimum skills/experience, main accountabilities? and what would you expect the pay level to be??

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