Ask The Expert: How to get really efficient at reviewing contracts!

Love the tactical tips. Very helpful. To add to the bullet point "rules for change tracking / comment use", only one version of the trackable (redline) document should be used between the parties to capture all edits and comments. Sometimes edits come in a different version than what was initiated or they are received via email. Having everything in one place makes the review process easy.


Ask The Expert: Esignatures

The benefits I see most with using E-signature is the reduced cycle-time to contract execution and the reduction in cost (and the paperwork I receive) - now that our sales team does not have to mail an original "wet-signature" document when E-signature is utilized.


Contract Briefing Template

From a Business Standardization perspective, the Contract Briefing Template is a wonderful tool. If I were to spearhead all of the contracting in my organization, I would feel confident in having members of my team review contracts knowing they were following this particular protocol which is also a perfect jump off point for crafting a renewed agreement. I truly believe I will put this template to good use when I am called to review a contract with a potential vendor.


Key Performance Indicators for contract/commercial management group

Would appreciate if any one can share how you measure the success of your company's contract management program/process and/or your commercial management group.


Repository System

Any suggestions about a Repository system to chose? I would like to have a system to deposit the contract in and to capture they critical delivery date actions (such as expiry date, delivery date etc) I have seen some Contract Management system BUT i will not use in the full extend and I do not want to end up paying for something that I am not using fully.


Releasing Critical Clauses for negotiating a Disaster Recovery for a Data Centre RFP , any inputs please?

I am to prepare a list Critical Clauses for negotiating a Disaster Recovery for a Data Centre RFP, any inputs please? Plan to transition to cloud in the long run. Any specific clauses / language to consider while preparing the MSA? Guidance is appreciated please.


Unincorporated JV Agreement Template

I am in need of a template to have an unincorporated JV Agreement with a designer to oversee Engineering, Supervision on Installation, Testing and Commissioning activities for a special system works. Can anyone share it?here for my reference. Thanks Dayanidhi. D


Applying Visual Enhancements to Contracting

I am thrilled to learn that there are organizations that are implementing this more user friendly and effective method of contracting. I have been seeing Statements of Work designed in this matter, however I have yet to see this implemented in the body of the underlying or master agreement. I am hopeful that this will become more of practice in the near future. To easily identify the key areas of an agreement is extremely important and I do believe that outcomes would be better and disputes minimized. I only wish my organization would adopt this more engaging approach toward contracting. It is always a struggle when the legal team is both judge and jury in contract content and design. It would be one thing if we were contracting solely with lawyers, but we are not. Vendors, clinicians and laymen should all be afforded every opportunity to thoroughly understand their obligations and protections and should not have to blindly sign on the line.

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