Logistic Services

Who has examples of lost value through sub-optimal sourcing / contracting and ongoing management of logistical services from a "buy" side?


How to show value of contract scoring

Our contracting team has developed a scoring model to rate the overall compliance of a potential contract with standard contract language guidelines provided by our legal department. By scoring a contract before and after negotiations, we can show the improvements our professional negotiators have achieved in the contract. What I am looking for is a way to show the monetary value of those improvements. Can anyone recommend any ideas on this subject?


Blockchain and Contract Lifecycle Management

Has anyone seen the most practical use-cases implemented using blockchain? There are enough in the supply chain areas and logic suggests deliverable & Obligation Management for complex flow-down contracts/interconnected contracts should see a hearty implementation of blockchain solutions, but still to find a realistic implementation - maybe something exists in the permissioned 9Public/private) space.


Insurance adequacy for an IT company

Hi All, needed your expertise on auditing insurance for the company I am working in. Please share your experience on below :-1)Is there any Audit checklist for checking adequacy and coverage of insurance taken by IT company (not an insurance company) 2) Generally what is the ideal premium amount paid by insurance companies to cover its asset and liability for a company like Infosys/ HCL/TCS 3)Which kind of insurance helps IT company to cover its maximum vulnerabilities with least premium.


What books on Negotiation have your found useful?

I studied Getting to YES by Roger Fisher and William L. Ury when doing my Master's - time for an update. What have you found useful recently? Here is a list compiled by Keld Jensen, Author of Honest Negotiation. - Negotiation Genius - Deepak Malhotra, Max H. Bazerman - CHEAP, the real cost of living in Low Price Low Wage World - David Bosshart - The Real Trump Deal - Marty Latz - Beyond Reason - Roger Fisher and Daniel Shapiro - Truth and Lies - Mark Bowden and Tracy Thomson (see LinkedIn Post https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6680714023589302272/)



We received an RFQ from a potential Client for the provision of technical services on a medium-term basis ; the Client is asking a proposal indicating all the major costs elements for us and our markup, to sum up a total unit rate (different items are involved, similar structure). They are a major international industrial Group, we know their commercial approach will not be collaborative. We are not comfortable in providing our costs structure and markup, so ultimately our margin. I am looking for a way for a soft refusal, but we want to quote. Did you have a similar experience? Any advice? Thanks!


Is IACCM professionals in demand in Australia?

Hi, I have moved to Australia (Sydney) and I haven't seen any job related to Commercial Management (Apart from Construction industry) or any job where IACCM is required as a qualification. Is IACCM professional in demand in Australia or IACCM is only suitable for UK companies. Moreover I am looking for job and I would really appreciate if anyone can guide/help me. I am open for any position.

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