Pricing Trends for major equipment and engineering services

Is there any research available here on pricing trends for major equipment, related transport and engineering? If someone could point me to a report or reliable source it would be greatly appreciated


Best Practices - Signed or unsigned Purchase Orders

Hi All -- Looking for any insights as whether you require signed purchase orders for goods and services or not (esp. for U.S. transactions). On the one hand, it's a lot of work to chase signatures, especially on low-dollar POs, but on the other hand it seems like not having signatures could lead to POs being arguably unenforceable. Thanks!


Managed vs Partnership model

Hi All Has anyone any experience of moving from a managed service to a partnership model? This is something we may be considering once a certain contract comes up for re tender. Therefore, it would be fantastic if I could speak to someone about both the benefits and risks and the pitfalls we should be aware of? We have always operated the managed service option, so our knowledge is very limited in the arena of a partnership model. I look forward to speaking to someone on this topic. Kind Regards Jan Buckle Head of Contract Management


Negotiation effectiveness

What are the fundamentals and effective tools to be taken into consideration before negotiation meetings. Please share negotiation cases initiated from both parties. Individual cases. - Thank you. Regards, MOHAMMED IBRAHIM mimhaneef65@gmail.com


Scope of Work/Statement of Requirement

Hello Everyone, I am currently a procurement specialist with experience in strategic sourcing. I would like to ask if anyone could share a sample statement of requirement/scope of work they have found helpful to adapt or perhaps a procedure on how to write adequate statement of requirement/scope of work. Thank you.


Call for Help for Contract Innovation in the Defence and AeroSpace Industry for the DASI

Dear All, first of all I hope you are all doing good considering the challenging times. Airbus as most large corparations has initiated and started an internal innovation challenge. I am right now preparing a pitch for this innovation campaign coming from the Commercial&Contract department. As I really would also like to present some first reactions on my idea from eg. Customers as well as Suppliers of ours and also other companies with focus on DASI, it would be great if you could spent 5 minutes and answer the enclosed questionnaire with 6 questions :-) Google survey: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScrH9ViL96HuEqMpwWLdRTgUjgFXiL7opy0kX7bvyRHnI9u0g/viewform?usp=sf_link The Idea/pitch is: A contract in 3D based on smart data input using AI, NLP and ML together with data modeling to be used for internal means or also within companies external ecosystem. Time line: Please feed back until May 28th 2020. That would be perfect as I my deadline for the pitch is Friday May 29th 2020) Questions If you have any questions please let me know via the forum or PM me. Sharing If you wish to share that with trusted colleagues that is also very welcome)) Warm regards Ines Curtius


Regarding Review of Contracts after Negotiations

Hi, I sometimes have to review 100 page contracts and raise the discrepancies to negotiate with my customers who inturn correct the contract with corrections to remove discrepancies and send revised contracts. However I will have to review all the 100 pages again to ensure that they have corrected the discrepancies and also have not made changes to any other clauses. Please advise how do I minimize my efforts of reviewing all the 100 pages again, probably an email with specific legal wordings to ensure that the said customer has kept all the other clauses unchanged and changed only the discrepant ones. Experts please advise.


maintenance fees for fleet of printers

Our company has a fleet of 1800 printers and are in the middle of negotiating a maintenance contract. Wondering if anyone can help me benchmark an annual fee. We are being quoted an annual fee of $250k.

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