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SME Policy

Hello Folks. I am currently developing a SME / SME Friendly Policy and would be interested to hear from anyone else who has developed such a policy or is thinking of doing so. We are a large UK company (>4,000 employees and turnover of around GBP1.0bn) and already trade with a number of SMEs but are looking to formalise our approach in policy. Best wishes Stephen


Consulting Firm to Develop and revise public procurement document

Good day, I need names of firms that can: (a)revise our existing public procurement documents (Standard Bidding Documents for Goods & Works, Standard Request for Proposal for Services, Public Procurement Regulations, etc.); (b) Development of new standard bidding documents for the procurement of complex projects such as Information System, Plant, Framework Agreement, Non-Consulting Services, Special procurement arrangement like EPC, etc. My contact: enginemoks@yahoo.com


Local Content / Indigenous requirements in contracts.

Good day, can someone perhaps recommend sources/material regarding the impacts/risks/opportunities with regards to requirements for local content / indigenous content in contracts (more specifically construction contracts)? Any references would be greatly appreciated.


Building Effective Contract Management Capability for SMEs

On Wednesday, 7 March, Noel Green and I presented to the Swiss regional meeting in Zurich on the topic "Building Effective Contract Management Capability for SMEs". Our focus was on how SMEs can: - buy in expertise - build expertise - apply technology to improve their contract management performance. The slides from our presentation will soon be added to the IACCM library. While doing research for my part of our presentation, I should have asked in this forum how SMEs and startups that you represent address contract management within your organisations. I'd love to have you post your input here, or discuss with you face to face if you are in Switzerland or will be attending the EU Conference in Krakow.


Research invitation: Contracting Strategies for Megaprojects - a Global benchmarking Study

As a pioneer in contract management effectiveness, IACCM is leading a global study to identify the successful contract strategies for megaprojects. If you are a legal, contracts, project management or procurement professional, would you be willing to share some insights into the strategies that worked on a recent successful project (one that came in ahead of schedule and under the FID budget)? In return you will receive a copy of the research findings that includes insights other Global2000 companies. This will not be shared publicly and will give you a unique opportunity to benchmark your performance against your peers and with other industries - Oil - Gas and construction firms. Your company data and insights will remain strictly confidential and will not be published. Scores will be reported in aggregate and companies will remain anonymous. If you are willing to participate, please follow the link to the survey: https://www.research.net/r/Contrusctioncommunitysurvey Looking forward to hearing from you.


Feed comeptition to EPC Award

Our Company is looking to pilot the use of a feed design then execute competition for an oil and gas project in the middle east. We will select 2/3 companies to execute a paid feed where at end they will provide their technical proposal and lump sum price to execute the project all the way to handover (turnkey) . The current approach is all capital projects are executed via EPC lump sum sourced against a company provided feed with all risk passed to the EPC contractor (in theory!). The proposition were testing is whether a a more market led approach rather than a prescriptive company led approach will generate more value. We have engaged our key suppliers in the CCG region and they are supportive of the concept which they claim has been very successful with other clients. I would be interested to hear from any members who have used this strategy before particularly 1) Competency/behaviors required of the client team 2) Tender and evaluation structure and principles thanks for any support you can provide


Links not working

These links to the articles in this chapter are not working.....


Contract/Project Management Software

Our organization has multiple Contract and Project Management Software systems that each into their own have some very great capabilities, but do not interconnect with each other, which can be very frustrating when it comes to explaining process and practices to a team. In the end, many go back to old school days of managing manually as they give up.


AM Contract P1 and P2 assignment based on User category

Hi, I am dealing with a contract wherein Priority 1 and 2 is assigned based on user category who raised it. If user raising Incident is VIP user then it will be raised as P1 or P2 irrespective of severity of Incident. It leads to exposure to liability to my company when any breach of single incident raised by VIP impose liability on me. Also there is no defined process as minimum number of P1 & P2 tickets quota for applicability of penalty on breach. Is there any workaround to come out of this trap ? Can I propose some changes to this arrangement ?


Use of Multimedia for Commercial contracts

Hi, I need your advise on how to use Multimedia for Contracts drafting to give clarity and simplification however how does it work with compliance in view of legal aspects. Can you share how companies have used this media for commercial contracts?


Effeciency of undefining the approach to complete task

"Conversely, leaders should help team members understand the project's importance and ultimate objective but leave the exact approach to the discretion of the team." This is really interesting and whilst I agree this a great way to encourage collaboration and a team approach, often internal, differing view points as to what the approach is can cause inefficiency in getting the job done on time. I think what needs to be qualified by this statement is that the creativity as to how the approach is taken should be left to team members but clarity regarding role AND timeframes need to be set and agreed upon by all team members and leaders at the outset. This will ensure productivity, higher collaboration and efficiency.

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