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2017-11-20 21:56:21

Percentage of a company's contracts that contain SLAs?

Is anyone aware of a survey, whitepaper or article referencing the percentage of a company's contracts that contain SLAs? My assumption is that it would either include...
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PRO Unlimited (Noble Energy)
2017-11-13 21:59:16

Indemnity Regimes in Midstream Contracts

Seeking advice from contracts drafters with experience on oil & gas midstream services contracts. Are knock-for-knock indemnity regimes common in midstream servic...
Replies: 6

Just Contract Management Ltd
2017-11-03 13:18:42

Contract Management as a Service

Would be interested to hear of experiences of using outsourced support to manage contracts. Have you tried it? Did it work? What worked well? What didn't work well...
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Rivas Zorggroep
2017-10-28 19:43:12

Standard deviation of this average?

Where can the complete report or specifically the standard deviation of this average be found? Thanks.
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