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2018-02-13 14:22:53

Default Contractual acceptance of a proposal

Is it standard practice to have a default in a contract that a proposal shall be deemed by the Parties to have been accepted if no acceptance or rejection is provided ...
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2018-02-07 19:30:50

Enterprise CLM Solutions - Possible Assessment criteria

Hi Everyone, My team is in the beginning phases of looking at an enterprise CLM solution. Many of the assessment matrices I've been able to find seem too truncated (...
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Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation Ltd.
2018-02-03 06:36:09

"Willful Misconduct" and "Gross Negligence"-Upstream Oilfield Service Contract

Please suggest standard definitions of "Willful Misconduct" and "Gross Negligence" for an upstream oilfield Service Contract? The requirement is to...
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Shapoorji Pallonji Oil and Gas Pvt Ltd
2018-01-29 08:41:59

Provisions for Non-disclosure agreements

In the case of NDAs is it appropriate to carve out consequential losses? In my opinion, any breach of NDA will lead to consequential losses. For example in a pre-awa...
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BAE Systems
2018-01-25 22:36:36

Sub Contract Programme Management

Hi - I work for a global Aerospace & Defence company and am based in the UK. We have found it very difficult to source Sub Contract Programme Managers; we are now ...
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2018-01-25 14:59:58

Acquisition of Companies

Hi All, I'm interested to know what steps you take when a company notifies you of an acquisition? We get a lot of requests to move the contract and invoices to new ent...
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