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2018-01-19 07:48:40

Contracts & Procurement Articles on IACCM website

Hello all, I have recently become the member of IACCM. I have worked in India in Contracts & Procurement function but now I am moving to Australia on permanent bas...
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2018-01-17 08:37:32

Civil or Steel Structure Contracts in South Africa (Standards used in the industry)

Dear community, I am investigating to use our own contract terms or (to facilitate acceptance by the market) contracting Terms used in South Africa by the construction...
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2018-01-06 22:53:15

Exception on a NDA

Hi everyone, I have, like Vladimir Koval, a question regarding the Non- Disclosure Agreement. Imagine the following situation: you have to issue a standardized Non-...
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2018-01-04 15:04:11

Liability of GDPR consultant

Hello everyone, what is your opinion on shifting the liability for penalties (4% revenue)on external GDPR consultants. I have noticed a lot of companies (usually SMEs)...
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Sopra Steria
2018-01-04 08:36:03

Battle of the Forms

Hi, You've successfully bid to deliver some services, but the customer's terms are unacceptable. You want to request the customer that the customer uses your stan...
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Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation Ltd.
2017-12-26 11:00:09

PO Vs. Letter of Award

Why do Vendors insist for issuance of Purchase Orders instead of Letter of Awards?
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RICS School of Built Environment, Ami...
2017-12-13 21:27:48

What are the various methods of performance measurement of a construction project?

A list of method will be sufficient for now.
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2017-12-13 17:10:51

extraordinary contract management articles in IACCM site

Dear all, I am a new member of the community and I would like to ask for your help regarding available topics, postings and news on IACCM website related to Extraordi...
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