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OneSpan North America Inc.
2015-03-03 13:27:55

Employment Agency Recommendation?

Hello -

I was wondering if anyone is or has worked with a employment agency/headhunter that they would be willing to recommend. My company was recently sold and I will more than likely need to look for new employment come this Fall. I'm based in the USA (Chicago,IL).

Would appreciate any ideas/advice!

 •  Century 21 Vanguard  •   2015-03-03 16:26:08
Hi Suzanne,

You might want to start with Suzanne Birch at IACCM Resourcing sbirch@iaccmresourcing.com. Also, you can post your resume on the IACCM Job Post page under the resource tab. Good luck!

P.S. Next week Suzanne Birch will be hosting a Women's Networking Group webinar on 'Marketing Yourself through Social Media.' You might want to sign up for it. Check out the events calendar.
 •  Phillips 66  •   2015-04-14 08:41:32
You might want to check with Global Resources depending on what you want to do. They do a lot of placement of professionals into Corproate settings as consultants. My company has used them and I know peopel that work for them.
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