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Premera Blue Cross
2015-04-01 12:59:07

Vendor Survey

When conducting a Vendor Survey, do you recommend being market specific or on all vendors that your team manages? I would like to get some ideas of what other companies are doing to start a vendor survey. Was there a process to get the vendor survey started? What are some of the general questions you recommend asking the vendors? Thanks!
 •  ConocoPhillips Company  •   2015-04-07 10:00:28
Really depends on the scope of the survey. If you want to understand the eCommerce capabilities of your suppliers, it is the same scope of survey for all vendors. If you want to understand how the drop in oil price impacts your vendors, it likley is very different between a manufacturer and a labor provider and so you should target it to those vendors that you expect are the targte audience. The key is understanding the audience so that they survey scope is appropriate for those being surveyed. It avoids wasting the suppliers' time, and you also don't pollute your data with responses that don't really apply (i.e. the labor suppliers largely are unimpacted by oil prices, but their responses could dilute the average impact expressed by the manufacturers).
 •   2015-08-05 00:52:02
Hi Kim

Apologies, I've only just seen your post on IACCM about Vendor surveys.

There are two types of surveys I recommend you run:
1) Voice of the supplier - take the top 100-200 suppliers, ask a series of questions to understand what attributes of the relationship are important to them (and have them rank them so you can understand how important each attribute is). The ask them how your organisation performs against these attributes (and this next bit is key) - VERSUS your key competitors. This gives you a customer of choice ranking. This type of survey really needs to be run by a third party so the suppliers have the choice of being anonymous.

2) 360 degree survey. This is when you look at one supplier relationship and survey all the key stakeholders from both your organisation and theirs. Typically we split the survey question sets into Trust attributes of the relationship and control attributes. Normally you would use these surveys to help facilitate a joint account planning session with the supplier.

I hope this helps (and sorry if the response was too late). I'm more than happy to discuss in more detail and if you need help in running the Voice of the Supplier, please let me know.

Kind regards

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