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Provincial Health Services Authority
2015-07-28 14:09:39

Distance Selling Directive

Does anyone know whether there is a DSD in the U.S. or Canada? I'm not having any luck finding one on the web.
 •   2015-09-01 12:51:51
In the US, interstate commerce is within federal jurisdiction. The US government does not have a standard or regulation applicable to interstate commerce of the type you reference. But, the Federal Trade Commission and the Department of Commerce do have authority over interstate commerce matters. In particular, deceptive trade practices fit within the Federal Trade Act. Also, most states (as far as I am aware) have a Deceptive Trade Practices act covering a variety of scenarios. At the federal level, privacy concerns are playing a key role. Also, be mindful that in financial transactions, there are some regulations concerning how consumers (account holders) are to be treated.But, the main point is that the US legal system has to take into account the state and federal concerns. As with most areas of law/regulation in the US, the US follows both a sectoral and geographic "matrix" approach. I hope that this helps.
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