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Hyland Software, Inc.
2015-08-12 12:31:22

Reverse Auctions

We are considering using a reverse auction for IT related products/services. Are there any materials available that would provide me terms and conditions to include in the contract with the company that will run the reverse auction on our behalf?
 •  IACCM  •   2015-08-14 09:33:46
I'm sure the supplier of the service will have standard terms and you should of course review those to be sure they contain commitments over the quality and integrity of their platform. But ultimately the success of the auction will be based on the accuracy and quality of your specified requirements. For example, are you clear about specification or scope, quality / acceptance criteria, volumes and duration? Have you specified delivery locations and frequencies? Have you defined the pricing or charging model? Have you provided outline terms and conditions to enable suppliers to estimate all relevant costs?

Your e-auction provider is just offering a platform so in my opinion, unless there are particular concerns over issues like confidentiality, you should simply work with someone that has good market reputation and ensure you have considered which charging model you want to establish.
 •  Anarock Property Consultants Pvt. Ltd  •   2015-08-18 06:55:47
Your negotiation depends on who you are, what is your market dominance and do you stand first among the equals with the vendor. If the answer in majority is in negative, you have a very low weightage of negotiations and you might end of signing on the dotted lines. Most of the vendors are very adamant to sign their template unless your business proposition provides future revenue for them. Having said that what you might want to ensure is (i) scope of the engagement; (ii) Pricing v/s services; and (iii) down time / up time.
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