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2015-08-30 07:06:00

ADM Contract

What are the key elements on Application Development & Maintenance contract?
 •  World Commerce & Contracting  •   2015-08-31 01:57:31
The biggest issues with ADM contracts are whether you finish up with a product that performs required function at an acceptable cost and is delivered in a complete or usable form on time; and then how easy and expensive it is to maintain and adapt / add functionality.

Hence in my view key provisions are those related to requirement definition (especially scope): the frequency and nature of testing and acceptance; the pricing mechanism; clarity of ownership for the end product; supplier responsibility for fixes or improvements; the nature and level of ongoing charges; rights and consequences of termination.

Within all of this, you need to consider factors such as changes to requirements / level of uncertainty (eg should this be an agile development?); extent of collaboration / joint working; supplier incentives / bonuses for on-time or on-spec delivery; etc.
 •  Accenture  •   2015-09-26 23:40:33
Scope of work, escalation path but most of all SLAs since SLA sort fo shape the deal.
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