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2016-03-17 14:46:59

Supplier Dashboard for Executive Review

I have to develop a dashboard template for our key/strategic suppliers to complete when they meet with our executive team for their quarterly business reviews. Does anyone have a good resource or template they would be willing to share? If not share, willing to discuss?

Thank you,
 •  Seiersen Enterprises  •   2016-03-21 11:00:38
I did a search on the website for KPI and there are several items, including an interview from Suntrust around customer satisfaction & loyalty.
John Henke gave a great presentation at the last Americas conference on the link between the Working Relationship Index and the profitability of automobiles in the US.
Good luck, and give me a call if you want to talk through what you want to achieve.
Nick Seiersen
647 299 8360
 •  Contractswise  •   2016-05-18 10:34:12
Hi Isabelle.
I've just joined the community so I appreciate this reply may be too late. Please take a look at www.contractswise.com/ecms to see a contract performance and contract risk dashboard.
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