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2016-03-22 15:10:08

Project Performance Management Plan - Validation Request

Hello IACCM Community. I'm here to ask for some good souls who have made progress showing demonstrative progress in improving project outcomes supported by suppliers.

I work for a global firm in the IT organization. My role is on a team of 3 that are tasked with supporting contract and relationship management on our largest suppliers. Our Tier 1 list includes suppliers in the Infrastructure domain and suppliers supporting our largely aggregated development and production support services for our global applications. We have a pretty good Project Manager function riding herd on projects (of which the contract delivery is a part) and delivery managers looking at metrics for production support services via our CMDB tool.

But since we have fragmented data for projects and somewhat inconsistent contracting approach, and pretty consistent high level failure in the project portfolio, I'm targeting my team to focus on improving this area first as a priority. Developing the approach for this area is my assigned focus area for my global team.

Our suppliers have most of the scope for projects and I'm supporting the transition into an outsourcing agreement that seems to be missing some measurement pieces. Inside my organization, I see other gaps to adequately support this transition.

I have specific ideas (high level roadmap) but I can't tell if I'm on the right path or just scratching the surface of what a group like mine should be delivering. Is there a group of experts (i.e. people who have tried this and failed and then did it better the next time) that I can talk with or see research that outlines what works in IT project performance across firms that I can look at?

Not satisfied with the level of detail available from the firms I expected to be on top of the details of what a 2 year plan looks like.

Thanks Much.

Kirk Mitchell
IT Supplier Management - Americas
 •  Seiersen Enterprises  •   2016-03-29 09:44:27
Hi Kirk,
Are you familiar with the material out of University of Tennessee?
Kate Vitasek et al have developed a process to get to collaborative outsourcing deals, and she highlights the key elements that should be part of the deal. That is probably one good place to start.
The other observation I would make is that you seem to have a pretty good idea what the deliverables should be, and what risks have to be managed in order to raise your success rate. I would start with writing this down, and challenging the firms to come up with responses to what they will deliver and how they will manage the risks.
Give me a call if you want to discuss.
647 299 8360
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