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Legal Aid Agency / Ministry of Justice
2016-06-18 10:14:08

Contract management - highest growth inducties & areas?

I've just viewed the 'untangling complex projects' webinar which refers to a significant increase in contract management roles globally.
Which industries and geographical areas do people think are experiencing the highest areas of growth?
 •  New Zealand Defence Industry Association (NZDIA)  •   2016-06-21 22:50:31
Public sector all over the globe. IT and Infrastructure. When mining and Oil and gas pick up would expect more there.
In Australia there is a lot of interest in CM to assist with commercial excellence endeavours.
 •  Ternium Brasil  •   2017-01-15 04:37:47
Hi Zarah,

It´s a pleasure to share the information with you and the colleagues of the forum.

So, in Brazil many companies has been implanting CM in their structures but still have many doubts about this area. Sometimes managers asking me about the difference about contract management and project management.
Nowaday I work for a steel company in Brazil and has been implanting with a team a contract management area to help the company to reach their strategic results.


Gustavo Procópio
Contract Engineer
Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
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