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2016-06-20 00:54:53

How does SLA works in Application Management Service ?

I would like to know how Application Management Service are aligned for SLA. I want to know SLA mapping with services. Especially, from negotiation point of view. How do delivery propose SLA for various service covered in AMS.
 •  Annonymous  •   2017-01-02 18:19:20
There are structured service levels that are mapped to the AMS services. These can be used to measure the AMS services across structured structured categories, such as, schedule adherence, timeliness, accuracy et al.

Further the services with AMS vary across the services outsourced, such as, ITIl based services, maintenance and enhancement services, etc.

Its a good practice to also use concepts of CPI/KPI/GPI to structure service levels, adequately supported through empirical data. In absence of empirical data, Type I/ Type II led classification can be used to structure contractual service levels.

There are well established policies to manage service levels, further through use of service credit models.
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