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2016-06-20 00:57:41

Supplier Management - What are top most activities in supplier management ?

What are the top most activities in Supplier Management ? I am looking something / some activities which I can target for controlling multiple supplier contracts, because going through each and every contracts is not easy and time consuming activity. I am looking for some activity which will add value to my organization.
 •  New Zealand Defence Industry Association (NZDIA)  •   2016-06-21 22:39:59
I have been running the IACCM Certification Program in Australia for the past 18 months. I have had the fortune to both teach the SRM body of knowledge and hear the participants' stories of what works and what does not.
My pick of priorities is:
1. Getting closer to your internal stakeholders-spend time understanding the way your supplier contract outputs could better help deliver value to your organisation's customers or stakeholders. Do you have line of sight from contract to customer and if not, what might you do?
2. Put in place a tiered SRM governance framework. Have the right people at the right level talking about the right things at the right time;
3. Take a long hard look at the way the relationship is running with each supplier. Are you a pleasure or a pain to deal with? how would you like to be one of your organisation's suppliers? The work of Jensen Keld clearly shows that 42% of value is left on the table in negotiations. If we stopped taking swipes at the share of each other you could add value to your organisation with a fair amount of the remaining 42%!
4. Last and not least, come and attend an SRM IACCM Certification program!
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