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2016-07-12 16:40:29

Manpower planning for capital/operational projects

Hi all,

Could anyone advise on the best strategies to plan for, and understand the optimal manpower requirement on strategic CAPEX/OPEX projects once a contract has been awarded?

The RACI chart or manual of authority can of course trace accountability etc.

I gather that gauging and understanding the volume of variations, amendments, claims, reporting, general post-award activity and mapping those to the optimal resources and skill-set can be a challenge - particularly on capital projects.

Eager to hear your experience.

 •   2016-07-14 13:39:47
Emmet - those who have the most robust and effective strategies will utilize technology and tools to a significant extent. In those enterprises, RACI/RASCI charts, stakeholder maps, joint risk registers, and other tools are commonplace. This is frustrating to such organizations when they contract with enterprises with lesser levels of technology and tools.

Technology is needed to be successful in these cases, so one might need to assess the merits of sharing the technology with one's commercial partner.
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