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Virtus Group, LLC
2016-07-13 13:00:01

CM Career Building Blocks

Hi All - does anyone have good examples I could refer to in order to develop or build a system for expectations for teams, starting from the Contract Admin, to Associate, to Manager, etc.?

Any information is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

 •   2016-07-14 13:22:22
Kelly - the recent IACCM research reports on The Future of Contracting and the latest Benchmarking study would be very useful resources to refer to as you develop a plan.
 •  World Commerce & Contracting  •   2016-07-29 00:39:38
iACCM's structured training programs provide a framework you might use in developing such a system. We go from a foundation program through 3 further levels, to expert. I suggest you might review the online syllabus for each level and translate this into expectations for knowledge and capabilities. Note that our Expert level is designated as a leadership / influencing / mentoring role, rather than someone with deep specialism.

If you are not familiar with the IACCM skills and experience assessment, that is also an invaluable tool in defining and validating levels. It also offers external benchmarks so you can examine areas of strength or weakness.
 •  EY  •   2018-01-19 08:59:40
Kelly - did you have any joy building roles, responsibilities & expectations matrix? Interested in doing the same to build out a new off-share capability.
Anything you would be willing to share would be greatly appreciated.
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