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2016-07-14 14:49:05

contract review to ensure terms comply with regional customs

I am interested in having my agreements reviewed to make sure they comply with regional UK, Hong Kong and China laws and customs. I would like this review to identify the important differences and acceptable variances of clauses for both supplier and customer agreements. Any guidance would be appreciated!
 •  Seal Software  •   2016-07-15 14:39:54
Happy to provide some information on software that can help you quickly and efficiently overcome this cumbersome challenge.
 •  World Commerce & Contracting  •   2016-07-19 22:20:10
Depending on the nature of the agreements and the industry, there are likely to be ways that IACCM can assist you with appropriate sources of review. Please get in touch with further details. My email is tcummins@iaccm.com
 •  University of Chicago  •   2020-01-27 00:53:27
I would love to hear about the software discussed below, conflicts of custom get too little attention
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