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New International Technology Co.
2016-08-26 06:41:53

The Real Reason Negotiating Fails

Great intervention ! Mediocrity is a real threat at all levels of organization...
 •   2016-08-26 07:34:38
Mediocrity may apply at two levels - individual or process. In my experience, mediocre negotiators can still achieve good results if there is an excellent process, but the opposite may not be true. What do you think?
 •  New International Technology Co.  •   2016-09-09 08:44:21
it is an interesting point ; in other words, how an individual can 'survive' a mediocre organization and tot only specifically on negotiations...or viceversa ; I have experienced both the cases: most probably an excellent process prevails, it has to, also because it would be difficult for an excellent individual alone to substantially modify a mediocre process ; but, again, that's very interesting from the point of view of dynamics
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