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Schlumberger India
2016-12-13 04:21:00

Digital Security Clause

We have been asked by our client to comply with the "Digital Security" clause of the contract which is based on ISO 27002.
I would like to understand about the impact/risk complying with this clause. Also, would like to know the reason's behind Client stressing to comply with this clause.

Thanks in advance.
 •  New Zealand Defence Industry Association (NZDIA)  •   2016-12-13 07:02:49
www.iso27001security.com/html/27001.html This site has good material around the security standards.

If you cannot negotiate this clause out you are probably going to need to sit down with your IT security compliance people and look at both the requirements of the standard and the extent to which you are in compliance. Requiring compliance is becoming more commonplace in any contract where you will have custody of IT or data belonging to your counter party. If you are not going to hold any data/info/IP to which the standard, applies you can make a risk assessment or have a go at negotiating the issue.
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