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San Diego Association of Governments ...
2016-12-16 23:21:05

Procuring Vehicles

I need to purchase some vehicles for our tollway. What is everyone's preferred method of purchasing vehicles? POs? IFBS?
 •   2016-12-18 22:24:24
Jack - a vehicle purchase will usually fall under either a category strategy and/or procurement process, leaving the decision to strategy and process rather than preference. If you are purchasing one vehicle, that acquisition might bring the transaction under the threshold of strategy/process guidelines, but that is rare. Please consider the total cost of ownership (TCO) of the acquisition, rather than simply the purchase price, as vehicles represent significant opportunities for overall cost savings.
 •  M/s. Osmani & Co. (Pvt.) Ltd.  •   2016-12-20 09:26:55
First access the cost of the vehicle and the impact on the overall project cost, if the cost exceeds 15% of the overall cost than go to separate PO.
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