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2016-12-28 08:23:04

Can anyone advice what are modes to save Suppliers Cost ?

I am supporting 5 Clients and 36 Suppliers Contracts. I am targeting to save 5% of Suppliers cost. Can anyone suggest what are steps to do so ? I am taking task to validate Suppliers Invoices but still some strategic plan to execute.
 •  IACCM  •   2016-12-30 17:29:25
Here are a few suggestions:
- have you discussed your target with the suppliers and asked them to assist in identifying savings opportunities? You might convene periodic meetings with one or several of them to generate possible efficiencies or improvements that could reduce cost.
- have you discussed with your clients. Are there ways to reduce demand?
- are you monitoring supplier performance to observe opportunities to request rebates or credits?
 •  Explosive Learning Solutions  •   2017-03-12 22:23:58
have you looked at the risk register - often low hanging fruit in their with either side not retiring risks.
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