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Phillips 66
2017-02-01 14:50:15

Supplier Management "best practices"

We're starting some work around Supplier Management and Performance Management and looking for any information from others around best practices you have at your companies. Anything you can share we would appreciate. thanks
 •  World Commerce & Contracting  •   2017-02-02 00:30:03
Dear Alan,
It´s great to hear that organizations like the one you´re working for as Senior Contracting executive are undertaking this type of exercises in order to gather information around best practices in contract, supplier and performance management.
As the unique global organization identifing best practices in this area, at the IACCM we will be happy to assist enabling other members to share what they have been applying in their respective organizations and, furnished with the results and findings of this networking atmosphere, you will be achieving our goals at Philips 66.
Behind 'best practice' is a simple concept: measurable standards. And that means some form of benchmark is required. So, the exercise proposed in your posting, Alan, is a great example. It will be a comparison against peers, organizations at the same level, in order to get standards and then, you will see how you and others do things and what you and they do.
I know that your company has invested in the developement of contracting skills among your CM staff, and most of your colleagues are currently taking the CCM (Contract and Commercial Management) learning program, in its different certification levels (practitioner, advanced practitioner). At this point, it will be extremely important to consider what IACCM states in module 1 ('Best practices in contracting'), so I'd extremely recommend to review that content, at first sight.
Second, in this link you will find the 'IACCM top ten best practices in contracting' (general): www.iaccm.com/resources/;
Among other relevant resouces provided by IACCM corporate membership, as you might be aware, you have the right to get access to ATEs (webinars) via our IACCM library in subjects such as 'best practices selecting the right supplier': www.iaccm.com/resources/;
In addition, refer to 'Supplier relatioship management: best practices'
In sum, over the past several years, supplier relationship management (SRM) has become a major focus within the procurement and supply chain community and many companies are analyzing how best to expand SRM efforts and investment. We look forward to hearing from other members.
Kindest regards,
Pablo Cilotta
 •  Seal Software  •   2017-02-15 17:22:13
Dear Alan,

At Seal Software, we can provide you with a technology which locates, understand and extracts data from your contracts. This can help you with supplier and performance management by:
- Extracting information from your contracts, such as the parties to contracts, and their obligations.
- Maximizing revenue opportunities, by identifying unknown business intelligence.

It would be great to discuss how Seal can help you, in more detail. Please feel free to call me on +4420 735 9892.

Kind regards,
 •  Chevron  •   2017-02-28 15:21:03
We are revamping as well this year and I attended a training from State of Flux in Chicago a couple of weeks ago. I found there approach on planning very particle. For me it is very situation on how you manage your supply base hwoever keys are

1) Outlining performance expectations
2) Holding regular reviews
3) awarding business based on performance

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