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2017-02-20 13:29:57

Annual Account Plan

Hi All,

Does anyone have an example/template for an Annual Account Plan between a customer and supplier?


 •  Seiersen Enterprises  •   2017-02-22 00:23:54
Hello Peter,
The way you have formulated your question, it looks like an account plan a buying organization would prepare for a significant supplier. So you will find quite a bit of information in the IACCM library associated with SRM.
Clearly, you will have to adapt to your industry, to the services you are buying, and to the goals you wish to reach through your association with this supplier.
A good account plan will not only cover the scope of deliverables you are contracting for, but should also define
- the type of relationship you wish to have,
- what is the strategic end point of having a third party involved
- how you will govern the relationship and the day-to-day deliverables,
- what shall be the benefits for each party, how will they be earned, secured and measured,
- how you will jointly manage risk and who will bear what risks,
- and even how you will wind down the relationship when it must end.
It seems that as the buyer you are open to a collaborative relationship, and that is typically the best way for these relationships to be built. You will probably find that the sales side partner at your supplier is eager to work with you to develop this plan.
I wish you luck with your endeavor, and if you want to talk through some ideas, please give me a call or send a email - nseiersen@iaccm.com
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