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2017-03-22 14:05:38

How to construct a SLA and price methodology for a contract covering outsourcing of SW purchases.

I am looking for some input in how to construct SLAs and pricing for a contract with a re-seller of software.

The intention is that the supplier/re-seller will purchase all software with a value less than DKK 0,5 million (TCO) on our behalf and we are not sure how to make a payment scheme which is both fair and provides an incentive to the supplier to achieve the lowest price possible.

Good ideas will be highly appriciated.
 •  Stibo Systems A/S  •   2017-03-29 11:10:20
I guess you need to establish key assumptions and/or minimal functionality or license metrics you need to achieve before you have anything you can benchmark against. Once that is established, you can ask for alternative software solutions which solves your need and then incentivize the best price found. Further you could measure the fulfillment of the key assumptions and have a payment attached to each of them. If the solution is going to introduce a certain workflow you could set pricing according to how fast it is implemented or how much money is saved/earned. If there is a license price and a T&M project, you could say have a differentiated discount scheme based on the number of hours spent. I.e the first X hours are paid at 140%, hours between X -Y are paid at 100% and hours after Y are paid by 50%.
 •  Cleveroad  •   2017-03-31 13:27:37
I recommend you look at this article "Time and material vs Fixed price: hot discussion of the best pricing model" - www.cleveroad.com/blog/time-and-material-vs-fixed-price--hot-discussion-of-the-best-pricing-model
 •  BIAL  •   2017-05-22 10:01:09
Firstly, I suggest to draft a SWs Portfolio document, which will list all the required SWs. SW portfolio will consist of details like SW name, description, area of application, criticality, user applicability, SL% requirements and other optional technical details like program language etc. Each of the listed SWs may be given a percentage split of charges between various applications, summing up to 100% (in this case DKK 0,5 M is 100%). This document can be kept open for addition/deletion for SWs.

Whenever Supplier adds/removes a SW this % split can be used for commercials/invoice purpose. For eg: a SW which falls between 10-25% will have 2% incentive, SW with 25-50% will have 5% incentive etc.

Secondly, SLA is completely depends on how you want specific SW to work for you. In the portfolio, for eg: if some SW is impacting critical users or functions you may set the SLA to required higher percentage and flow-down those SLAs to OEM as well. Also, I would suggest to a research on Pass-through charges, in which the supplier charges a fixed % incentive, but this is possible only if the SWs are fixed.
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