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UK Department for Education
2017-05-26 09:59:56

Getting tradesmen to sign up to (small scale) construction contracts

When I listened to this presentation it got me thinking about the type of contracts I've had with tradesmen working on my home (outside work) and it's difficult to get anything in writing - other than an estimate and invoice - which is why trust and rapport are key.
How can collaborative contracting be encouraged??
 •  Queensland Dept of Transport and Main Roads  •   2017-05-29 12:05:29
I have found that due to the other demands on time that small contractors have, the onus tends to fall on the procurement side. This means documenting the agreed verbal outcomes for the quoted price.

Obviously there is minimal remedy if things go wrong - but i have found that by following up by email and providing a printed copy prior to work starting means that any assumptions I have are clarified, the contractoris clear about my expected outcomes and the work goes much more smoothly.

Often small contractors have so much on they forget exactly what was agreed. They tend to really appreciate you making the effort to understand the work and i have found a number of opportunities to save or get an upgraded service at minimal extra cost.

Hope that helps!
 •  UK Department for Education  •   2017-05-31 10:06:34
Thank you for taking the time to reply Nicola - your response is reassuring because that's the approach I've taken too.
However, I do think small contractors could make better use of contracts - as an instrument for operational management... Whereas, I think most small contractors perceive them as a weapon (as in the module: 10 pitfalls to avoid in contracting)
"most contracts are driven at high speed and whenever they hit a pothole, remedial action is undertaken (fix things or blame someone else)... over time, this approach may cause significant delay and cost overruns; it may even result in damage that puts the contract and relationship beyond repair"

I suppose it depends on how big the job is and how much (energy/ £) is invested.
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