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UK Government
2017-07-03 19:38:29

What's in a name ? Ideas for namng our guild/profession of Engineers that perform Business Partner and Supplier Management Roles

Within our organisation we have set up a Multi-discipline team that has Commercial, Financial, Legal and Business Professionals. All of which work together in a virtual team to deliver the SRM Function. As we are a Technology focussed organisation the Business folk tend to be Engineers who understand the business needs and are able to understand our suppliers and the tech solutions they offer.

We want to professionalise these engineers and create a career path for them to follow which will include the IACCM certification, Just as we do for Project Managers, System Engineers Software Developers etc...

We are struggling to name this group. Any thoughts/ideas ??
 •  World Commerce & Contracting  •   2017-07-04 06:08:25
'Contracts Engineer' is quite well established as a title in many parts of the world and in more project/ engineering industries. 'Certified Contract Engineers' could be an option if you are aiming for IACCM certification - indeed, we could even make this a formal sub-group and run some webinars and other programs specifically for it.
 •  UK Government  •   2017-07-04 21:37:43

Thank you, within our Virtual teams they are called "Relationship Managers" as they deal with both the Business Engagement/Demand as well as the Supplier Capability/Capacity/Performance. However our Commercial colleagues are concerned as they see Supplier Relationship as a skill/role that is part of their CIPS Profession and would rather we avoided this label although ultimately that is what the Engineers within the team do.

"Contracts Engineers" could work, although it does feel more of a Commercial label, are you aware of any organisations that use the term "Relationship Managers" or "Relationship Engineers" ??
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