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2017-07-07 05:41:08

Scope Creep Issues

How to handle scope issues ?
 •  Tecnimont  •   2017-07-27 12:59:49
The uncontrolled expansion to product or project scope without adjustment to time, cost and resources is referred to as Scope Creep. Scope management Plan can reduce the risk of scope creep.
Disadvantage: Loss of Cost and Time and can derail the Project;
1 Ambiguous scope;
2 Design errors / omissions, lack of material, labor issues, new legislation / regulation, financial issues, environmental issues;
3 Improper Scope management process;
4 Lengthy or tedious Change management process;
5 Lack of proper Monitoring and Control;
6 Too many cooks spoil the broth;
7 Informal meetings with Client / Customer leading to change which is carried out but neither recorded nor approved.
Measures to avoid Scope Creep:
1 Team awareness: Every team member must be aware about importance of Change management process and ill effects of non-adhering to same. Change alert card must be available with every team member in order to highlight the issue in time and conduct periodic meetings of team members;
2 Define Scope, create WBS with well-defined work packages, link them with resources and allocate definite time for same. Monitor progress as per Scope Baseline. Update progress reports periodically.
Monitor progress of individuals / groups and for any shortfalls / delays, ask reasons. Maybe they are carrying out work which is not part of Work Package (Scope Creep) hence even though work is carried out but it does not show any progress as per Scope baseline.
3 Ensure that Project includes all the Work required and only the work required (avoid gold plating) to deliver right solution to the Client / Customer in an efficient and cost effective manner.
 •  Academy Sports + Outdoors  •   2017-07-31 16:38:26
My general thought here is as follows: 1. The contract is only one step, and; 2. an appropriate governance model can be established in detail after the SOW outlining the general governance model is executed.
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