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AP Moller-Maersk
2017-08-01 09:24:04

Organising Filing system for Contracts hardcopy

I am initiating a filing system for hundreds of contracts hardcopy, and I do not know where to begin. Any suggestions/ recommendation from best practices? I also have a softcopies repository, but would like to have hardcopies too. Many thanks for your help.
 •   2017-08-02 20:36:52
Have you contacted any of the service providers, such as Iron Mountain, in this domain? A brief conversation with one or two of them might be useful.
 •  VPM Consulting Services - BCHydro  •   2017-08-10 04:50:29
You said hundreds of contracts hardcopy. I suggest first sort them out by year and status. Are they already closed? History? active? and check with your records management department for how long you have to keep them ( normally 10 years) and then decide which ones can be archived and which cannot (example the ones that have a pending claim). Then sort them out by project, or by year or by contractor, whatever makes more sense and it is more practical for your organization. Make sure you label them properly and create a log of them. Good luck.
 •  tech updates  •   2017-08-13 07:51:09
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