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TEKsystems Global Services
2017-09-26 16:20:18

Password protection for Statement of Work (SOW) on client's templates


What are your thoughts about enabling password protection with tracked changes turned on for SOWs on client's paper? I usually just keep tracked changes on for version control without any password protection if it's a client-provided template.
 •  San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG)  •   2017-10-12 21:42:54
We quickly identified the "usual offenders" who turned tracked changes off, made changes, then turned it back on, but we believe that most were accidental oversights. To prevent these, we just about always use locked tracked changes both internally and externally.
You'll have some resistance first, but eventually all of the stakeholders get used to it.
 •  Infrastructure Ontario  •   2017-10-14 12:47:38
I prefer to run my own comparison rather than rely on a counterparty's. This avoids the question of whether an oversight was intentional or not.
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