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2017-10-09 21:06:15

Contract Signature Responsibility for Sell-Side Contracts

For sell-side contracts in the distribution industry, we have historically allowed the sales manager/director to sign contracts on behalf of the company. The sales organization owns the customer relationship and is ultimately responsible for meeting the customer commitments. In the sell-side contract arena, I am interested in gathering feedback on what functional area/title is responsible for signing contracts in your company and why?
 •   2017-10-11 05:46:02
In our organization, we have 'four eyes' principle which means that all external documents having financial or legal implications will be signed by two executives from different departments. Regarding our contracts, they are signed by Sales Manager / Sales Director and Commercial Manager / Commercial Director.
The co-signatory shares responsibility for the document.
We have of course Approval Matrix which specifies the authority to sign documents based on its value / significance. For eg. Managers allowed to sign contracts upto USD 10 Million etc.
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