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Husqvarna AB
2017-12-04 11:55:53

Mentoring a Junior Contract Manager

Dear all, do you have any good setups or mentor plans for a Junior Contract Manager. Any suggestions on what parts I should include?
 •   2017-12-04 15:07:46
Lisa - you might want to consider a focus on both contracting process phases (such as pre-award, negotiations, post-award) and contracting skills (such as change management, communications, managing stakeholders). In other words, coach the Junior Contract Manager through the steps of the process - but also coach them on how to elevate their various relevant skills in each of the process steps.
 •  Adhock media  •   2017-12-13 17:31:48
I agree with Lisa. But I would focus more on contracting skills as this is the important part to get results.
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