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2017-12-13 17:10:51

extraordinary contract management articles in IACCM site

Dear all,
I am a new member of the community and I would like to ask for your help regarding available topics, postings and news on IACCM website related to Extraordinary contract management issues (contract amendment process, risks linked to this situation, how to avoid pittfalls when you're managing a contract during this phase...). Many thanks for your help, Valentina.
 •  IACCM  •   2017-12-13 21:10:40
Ciao Valentina. I look forward to meeting you in Rome soon. In the meantime, let me recommend you some of the following articles, available in our IACCM library:


Also please consider our IACCM 10 pitfalls report, from which you will learn, among other findings, that each year, the speed of change increase, yet more than 80% of trading relationships remain traditional in their terms and structure. As a result, organizations are not effective in anticipating or enabling change and operational teams lack tools for managing perfomance (pitfall number 6).

Finally, as you have taken IACCM certification, please take a look at the learning module 'CCMP Contract Change Management' in our learning site.

Hope this helps and that other forum users can bring you more data. Anyway, I will get back to you via email. Gracie,

Pablo Cilotta
 •  Enel  •   2017-12-14 08:49:53
Everything clear! Thank you very much Pablo, let's keep in contact, Regards Valentina.
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