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2018-01-24 05:57:07

On boarding of vendors for As a Service offering

Hi There, does anyone have a governance /framework for on boarding "as a service" vendors ? What stand outs that are different compared to the "normal" vendor on boarding.? What if there are a number vendors services in the one particular "As a service" offering ? How is this handled for onboarding?
How does this differ from Service integration and Management (SIAM) from a vendor management perspective?

Any feedback would be appreciated
 •   2018-01-29 03:12:59
The governance and framework for outsourcing service on-boarding and general service contractor on-boarding would be largely applicable here. The key here is that the SOW's, SLA's and KPI's are clear and complete - but that holds true in any services contract. From what I have seen, SIAM principles are highly relevant here.
 •  CoreLogic  •   2019-05-17 09:19:32
Governance framework for vendor management should be standard, however, level of engagement to manage a vendor varies depending on type of contract and value of spend.

I would recommend at minimum to onboard vendor onto these governance framework discipline:

Contract Administration
Service Performance
Financial Management
Risk and Compliance
Transition Management

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