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BAE Systems
2018-01-25 22:36:36

Sub Contract Programme Management

Hi - I work for a global Aerospace & Defence company and am based in the UK. We have found it very difficult to source Sub Contract Programme Managers; we are now going to grow our own. Is this capability recognised out there? Do others find it almost impossible to source? What providers can you recommend to lead the development of our strategy and training content? Is IACCM seen as the appropriate professional institution, or is APM / RICS / CIPS a better partner professional organisation? Thanks, David
 •   2018-01-29 03:28:55
David - you face a challenge experienced by many in the Aerospace/Defence sector, as well as the Engineering/Construction, Oil and Gas, Pharmaceutical and other sectors. All of those sectors have utilized the training content provided by IACCM, as it represents leading and innovative practices in this domain.
 •  World Commerce & Contracting  •   2018-02-08 07:57:52
Hi David
I'd be interested to know more about how you define the role. I'm assuming - but perhaps wrongly - that the focus is post-award, but is it then dealing largely with contractvmanagement, or more broadly with performance management? To what extent is this a combined project and contract management responsibility?
 •  Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC)  •   2018-06-17 15:52:53
Hi David,

An organisation like yours has what it takes to develop sub-contract programme managers internally due to the criticality of the service you provide. It was not clear if you tried to employ(source) the sub-contract managers or you tried outsourcing sub-contract management.

You would consider it great to employ these managers as staff for long-term rolling programmes rather contractor employees; except you need them for short-term tasks. You will need individuals with experience project, programme, commercial and contract excellence

You would prefer to contact each of the professional bodies you mentioned directly to make your enquiry. However, from my experience with CIPS and IACCM, both bodies are excellent in their area of specialisation. You won't go wrong partnering with them. APM and RICS would also have a specific focus that you would best explore reaching out to them.
 •  Wilverley Consultancy Ltd.  •   2019-02-17 17:46:03
Hi David,

My view is that the challenge in the UK rests with the way in which these professions are segregated rather than blended and then the fixation on qualifications rather than real world experience. Programme manager are marketable at one rate and contract managers at a lower rate so the temptation is from a career viewpoint is to market yourself at the higher rate profession. Hybrid roles tend to be thus rarer and need a premium to attract the right talent. Sadly recruitment companies in the UK focus on the volume for standard based roles and do not flex to the individual requirement. Often the best approach is use of LinkedIn or network sites for ready made talent. Otherwise growing your own and investing in your team is a great way to go but will take time and they will nurturing through the process. I hope that this helps.
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