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2018-04-04 19:32:28

Confidentiality Agreements

Hey Guys,
I would like to know that is best practice. Lets say I am sending out a tender and I am asking the bidders to supply sensitive information as part of the bid. Instead of each of them submitting a Confidentiality Agreement for my legal team to review. Can I send my company's confidentiality agreement to them. My aim is to reduce the legal workload from my legal team and place it on the supplier.

What are your thoughts?

 •  PRO Unlimited (Noble Energy)  •   2018-04-06 15:18:51
You could either include your company's standard CA (it would need to be a mutual version) or you could include language in the tender package that states you'll treat their confidential information confidentially, but you'll want to be careful not to make overly broad commitments. Your legal department should be able to draft some simple generic language.
 •  CGCL  •   2018-04-11 15:14:16
Thanks much Mark. Greatly appreciated.

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