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2018-06-25 17:01:56

Benefits for a CCM to report to the CEO instead of the CFO

Dear all,

I have the opportunity now to negotiate internally my direct report to the CEO of the company instead of the CFO who is currently my direct manager. My dotted-line manager asks me to explain the benefits of reporting to the CEO vs. the CFO. I have responded that benefits are mainly independence, freedom of action and advice, etc.

Could you help me by suggesting any other relevant benefits please?

Thank you for your attention.
 •  British Antarctic Survey  •   2018-06-29 06:56:03
Its fast becoming established in many (albeit usually larger) companies to have CCM as its own function reporting direct into CEO/MD, so you can say you're following best practice. To echo your comment, this recognises the independence and increasing importance of the function and ensures CCM has equal voice.

CCM under Finance is a bit of an anachronism, however try to ensure there's no implied criticism of your CFO in this move...ideally get them to support the change?
 •   2018-06-29 12:17:03
Thank you very much for your advice, Phil.
 •  Australian Red Cross Lifeblood  •   2019-07-29 06:42:41
CCM needs to be far more multidisciplinary than the traditional finance function which was focused on the bottom line.

Strategy, risk, compliance, technology, legal, safety, communications, marketing all being amongst the skills that CCM professionals need to develop and maintain.

I would go into the conversation with the CEO asking what it is that the CEO wants greater transparency over and then demonstrate how this can be achieved by leveraging the CCM role out from under finance.
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