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2018-06-29 07:45:30

Contract liability calculator / estimator

As an organisation we are trying to improve people's understanding of how to use limitations of liability. I would like to support people's understanding with a simple tool to help them model and estimate liabilities (and appropriate limits) in their contracts.

Can anyone recommend, or does anyone have, a template in excel?

 •  IACCM  •   2018-06-29 10:46:34
Tom - many are using risk registers to improve their effectiveness in dealing with liabilities overall.

There is increasingly demonstrated success by those who elect to manage risk and limit liabilities through preventive techniques rather than allocation measures. Borrowing from the six sigma, Total Quality Management and other similar approaches, our peers who seek to prevent the liabilities from materializing, rather than figuring out who will bear the cost when the liability does materialize, are finding success in this pursuit.

A great initial tool is the risk register. More specifically, joint risk registers are proving to be quite helpful.

Best Regards,

Jim Bergman
 •  Afitac  •   2018-07-08 19:55:17
Hi Tom,

I can propose the following free tool to you:
Tender Risk and Contract Review system (in short TRaCRs) available at the following link:
It is not strictly limited to LoL but can increase understanding within your organization of dealing with commercial & contractual risks in any tender or contract.

The following publications explain a bit further:
Such tool can of course by customized to your needs.

Best regards,

 •   2018-07-26 22:44:42
Thank you everyone
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