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Inspire Integrated
2018-07-19 06:47:37

Change Order Process for Service Contract

We are in the process of executing a service agreement with a client. The contract which is a new project has the ability to expand with various contract variations and changes to scope. Can some body help me with a sample template or process that needs to be agreed with the client.

Thanks in advance.
 •   2018-07-21 13:14:03
Did you get this?
 •  Kuwait Finance House  •   2018-08-09 06:13:38
the SLA should have the basic things like resolution time/ Response time, Escalation Matrix,support timimg periods,
 •  AVON Cosmetics Ltd  •   2018-09-10 08:18:44
Did you manage to obtain a Contract Change Form and Process? I have one which we use for an IT Outsource Contract and could send through to you if you can provide your email address.
 •  AVEVA  •   2018-11-02 15:29:04
Hello Ramganesh,

Aveva's ProCon solution contains a Post-Award module which supports the contract execution process from the contract award stage, through processes such as general correspondence, management of change, management of payment, and dispute resolution, to management of closeout. To your point, you need to protect yourself from contract variations and scope changes with the ability to manage these effectively and have a clear path to understand these and approve as necessary. ProCon can help with these vital challenges. Feel free to contact me for more information.

Tim Wikander
Product Sales Manager

M +1 832.523.3885
E tim.wikander@aveva.com
 •  Reliance Industries Limited  •   2019-02-18 05:25:14
I cannot suggest any template, but can advise the following points to be taken care of while agreeing the Contract -

1) Overstay compensation or rate revision formula
2) Discount factor for scope increment or compensation factor for reduction.
3) % of Liquidated damages, in case of delay attributed to Contractor's end.
4) Try to negotiate with some grace period even after original contract completion date keeping the original rates valid.
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