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2018-09-13 08:05:41

UELA (unlimited enterprise license agreement)

Does anyone in this forum ever have experience in UELA? What are the main articles for such contract? Please advise. Thank you!
 •  IACCM  •   2018-09-13 13:21:31
Perhaps this excerpt from Up council will help.

<b>What are the Pitfalls of an 'Unlimited' License?</b>

There are several pitfalls to consider in an unlimited license. An 'enterprise' or 'limitless' license can be devastating if not properly constructed. Each software program license should have limits. Misunderstanding the boundaries of what is put forth as a 'limitless' license erodes the deal's value and could be costly, in addition to being embarrassing, when justifying the extra expense needed to pay for any rights that were not covered in the agreement. An 'enterprise settlement' typically meant that anybody within the enterprise can use the product anyplace within the geographic footprint of the enterprise, as long as the software program was solely used on a particular machine.

Some actual difficulties can come up within the definition of 'enterprise,' due to the decentralized material of an enterprise's information technology operations. An enterprise can also be thought of in terms of utilization by a particular firm or by a particular enterprise unit inside an organization. Limiting the potential geographic footprint could further constrain the definition of the enterprise's reach.

Therefore, it is important to understand how an enterprise is structured and what rights you want actually to provide. When you understand how the 'enterprise' is outlined, it is very important to comprehend that enterprise rights typically don't translate into limitless utilization or deployment rights.
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