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Worley Engineering
2018-09-18 09:34:19

How to handle a dominating client?

Thanks for the interesting article. From my experience, i've encountered number of client who likes to dominate the contract administration and project execution process. Does anyone know if there are any case studied that i reference and also share my opinion?
 •  Ms  •   2020-02-14 10:44:16
Ive had a lot of experience of very dominant Clients who are never willing to negotiate any give on their side, only improvements for them. I have found you need to identify this type of individual very early on in the process and realise that this behaviour will not change through the lifecycle. Decisions need to be made as to whether the deal that you are being faced with is worth it or not - is it good business for you or are they asking for too much. Id love to hear any specific approaches of how to deal with this type of client as its not easy.
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