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2018-10-12 14:32:00


A great article. Roles and responsibilities are often overlooked. We instead, as a buying organisation, like to define how something should be delivered.
 •  Experian  •   2019-02-03 22:03:09
Agree - this was quite an insightful article. I've always believed that it should work in reverse - that you should set the objective and then leave it up to individuals to work out how to get there, which is what the article says except for specifying that their roles need to be clear. I believed that if roles were less clearly defined then it gave people scope to expand their remit, however I can see why this can cause confusion.
 •  Gemserv  •   2019-07-03 15:11:45
This is definitely something that should have greater consideration in my organisation, I have been quite vocal in pushing it. I have worked in teams where particular members have found the lack of bounds extremely stressful as they feel they are crowded out or put upon by the more vocal members, who are equally frustrated it takes so long to get things done. Clarity in defining the roles and responsibilities can often be an enabler.
 •  Airbus Defence and Space Limited  •   2019-08-18 12:37:30
Agreed, this is a great article and really gets you thinking about the behaviours instilled within your own immediate team. If we cannot get the behaviours and roles clearly specified for our own team members first we are setting ourselves up to fail in the wider team and externally.
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